Zorro Radio Controller (M2)



Featuring an ergonomic design, large bright LCD screen in the perfect viewing position, travel adjustable HALL sensor gimbals, a nano size external RF module bay, built-in USB-C Charging, USB-C Data port for updating and playing simulators, rear and top assignable push buttons, scroll wheels, RadioMasters 7 button menu navigation system, headphone audio output, external power source input and a host of RF options the RadioMaster Zorro is set to change the game once again.

Zorro radio controller


Versions CC2500 4in1 ELRS  ELRS Starter Set CC2500 + TBS Nano Crossfire Combo
Physical Dimensions



350 grams

Operating Frequency


Internal RF Options CC2500 multi-protocol 4-in-1 multi-protocol ELRS CC2500 multi-protocol
Supported Protocols Module dependent Module dependent ELRS Module dependent
RF Power CC2500: Default 100mW 4-in-1: Default 100mW Default 100mW CC2500: Default 100mW
Antenna Gain

Folding 2db

Operational Current


Operational Voltage

6.6-8.4v DC

Control Distance > 2km > 2km Receiver and Power Output dependant > 2km
Operating system

OpenTX / EdgeTX Compatible

Control channels

Maximum 16 (Rx dependent)


128*64 Monochrome LCD


2 x 18350 (Not included)


Built in USB-C Charging



Module Bay

Nano Size (Compatible with TBS Nano Crossfire / Nano Tracer / IRC Ghost)

Firmware Upgrade Method

Via USB or SD card

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FCC Version and EU LBT Version are Available

Currently, we provide the standard FCC version and the EU LBT version. Please check the supported protocols below.

Standard FCC Version

  • CC2500 (FCC) Version supports all CC2500 protocols
  • 4in1 (FCC) Version supports all MPM protocols
  • ELRS (FCC) is pre-installed with ExpressLRS ISM FW (Max power is hardware dependant)

EU LBT Version

  • CC2500 LBT Version (Europe) is limited to LBT compliant protocols FrSKY X/X2 LBT & HoTT LBT
  • 4in1 LBT Version (Europe) is limited to LBT compliant protocols FrSKY X/X2 LBT, HoTT LBT and DSMX
  • ELRS LBT (Europe) Version is pre-installed with ExpressLRS CE EU domain LBT FW (Limited to 100mw power output)


radiomaster zorro radio OPENTX EDGETX

Support 4 RF Configurations

radiomaster zorro radio controller

Switchable in Mode 1 and Mode 2

Zorro radio supports switching between Mode 1 and Mode 2 without disassembly. The default factory mode is Mode 2.

RadioMaster Zorro Radio

Adjustable Hall Gimbals

radiomaster hall gimbals

External Module Bay

Zorro Radio is with an external module bay for use with Crossfire / ELRS and other compatible modules.

RadioMaster Zorro Radio

18350 Battery Compartments

Battery Charging

  • Supports USB-C Directing Charging

  • Supports External 2S Battery Power Supply

Oversized LCD & Foldable Antenna
RadioMaster Zorro Radio oversized LCD

 DIY Attachment Points

RadioMaster Zorro Radio DIY Attachment Points

Ergonomically Designed


User Manuals & Firmware

Package Includes

Please note, when you choose a different version, it is packaged with different parts.

The chart below doesn’t mean you will receive all versions.

Version Package Includes
  • 1 * Zorro Radio Controller CC2500 Version
  • 1 * Zorro Radio Controller 4-in-1 Version
  • 1 * Zorro Radio Controller ELRS Version
ELRS Starter Set
CC2500 + TBS Nano Crossfire Combo
  • 1 * Zorro Radio Controller CC2500 Version
  • 1 * TBS Nano Crossfire Module